After studying hardware engineering, Tushar was the full time working professional. Moreover, he was always attracted to music. His mother is a ‘Gaayan Visharad’ and his brother is a rhythmist. While at very crucial junction, like the poem by ‘Robert Frost’, Tushar selected the ‘Road not Taken’

Tushar started his career as a sound engineer in ‘Sound Ideaz’, Pune under the guidance of Mr. Nitin Joshi. His experience as an assistant sound engineer at Sound Ideaz was extremely delightful. He got to learn all the basic techniques of Sound Engineering. Before joining Dawn Studios in 2008, Tushar worked for 3 years at Empire studio, Mumbai.

His experience varies from recording and mixing songs to sound designing and mixing of feature films, short films, television commercials and jingles. He has worked upon a huge variety of projects including music projects like albums by Saleel Kulkarni, Rahul Ranade, Milind Joshi etc to film projects like Mulshi Pattern, Wedding cha Shinema, Deoolband and Kannada films like Harivu, Gujurati films like Be Yaar etc.

Tushar plays Tabla and throws every person into a state of amusement with the magic tricks he performs. Tushar’s magic is instrumental in the success of Sound at Dawn. The way his hands dance on the console and the way his heart responds to every sound is magical.. Tushar is a born magician.

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