Originally from Nagpur, Sanket is a traveller. He likes to travel into the unexplored in search of himself. He is a very important part of ‘Raasta’ Band that engages in street jamming and spreads happiness.

Sanket has been a sound engineer for the past 3 years. After completing formal education in the field of electronics and communications engineering and gathering 2 years of work experience, Sanket decided to pursue his passion for films and music. His association with Dawn Studios began in 2011 as an assistant sound engineer and has been an integral part of Dawn. His expertise lies in film sound, radio jingles, television commercials, voice dubbing, foley and sound effects. He has worked upon various projects like ‘Salaam’, ‘Andhali Koshimbir’, ‘Rama Madhav’, ‘Jadanghadan’, ‘Mulshi Pattern’, ‘Chintu 2’ etc. He won the award Best Foley for the film ‘Tiffin Box’ alongside Adwait Walujkar in the 13th IRAA Awards

He is passionate about films, understands the aesthetic value in films and is hard working and dedicated. He will love spending time on Instagram, love watching a film at midnight and love cooking a flavourful dish after a hard day. Sanket will love travelling.

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