Since the very beginning, Mukta Narendra Bhide has been the backbone of Dawn. As a child, Mukta started listening to her mother Smt. Madhavi Nanal, a well known singer of the Gwalior Gharana of Hindustani classical music, practice music. She has studied philosophy at Ruparel College, Mumbai and is a connoisseur of music. Along with music Mukta has a heritage of Ayurveda in her family. The tradition of Ayurveda runs in the Nanal family from the days of early Peshwai.

Before being the managing director at Dawn, Mukta was a practicing beautician. After marrying Narendra Bhide she moved to Pune and even started her own beauty parlour. Though, she does not practice beauty currently, she is extremely interested in the newest advancements in the fashion industry. She loves reading books, reading blogs, watching films and painting. She regulates the setup, looks after it behind the scenes and inspires the workflow.

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