Strumming the strings of his guitar and singing his own tune, Adwait is fun loving, passionate and an enthusiastic musician, sound engineer and an artist. Adwait completed his ‘Diploma in Sound Engineering’ from ‘Soundtech Media, Chennai and worked as a freelance sound engineer for a year. He has also worked in Delhi on various television commercial, jingles and documentaries.

In 2013, Adwait joined Dawn and has been instrumental in the success of the setup. He has a YouTube channel named ‘Musicaay Namaha’ and he composes regularly for it. He is an amazing guitarist and has played in various gigs. He is a member of ‘Kalawant’ Dhol-tasha Pathak since the last 4 years. In 2019, Adwait won the award for best Foley artist ( with Sanket Dhotkar ) at the 12th IRAA awards, 2019 for the short film ‘Tiffin Box’. He has acted as a foley artist for films including Rama Madhav, Mulshi Pattern etc. and has designed sound for the film ‘Sohala’.

Apart from music and sound, Adwait loves trekking, adventure sports, food, gymming and of course Netflix and chill..

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