Studio Services

Music Recording, Mixing

Record your music in an environment designed by musicians, for musicians. With great equipment, tastefully designed rooms and professional engineers, Dawn Studios is a place not just for recording music, but also for creating it.

Music Mastering

At Dawn, we believe in hardware mastering units as compared to their soft counterparts. With top of the line compressors, limiters, reverbs and channel strips we assure a delicious icing on your mixed cake.

Music & Audio Post-Production for Films

We offer Music, Dialogues, Sound effects & Foley. It’s not just about laying down sounds but creating soundscapes that support the story and give an identity to your film. At Dawn Studios, audio post-production and Music scoring go hand in hand for a collaborative effort through the entire process.
We also have access to a wide range of seasoned as well as upcoming composers to help you find the right talent.

Video Post Production for VFX and DI

It’s not just Audio now at Dawn. To ensure a smooth hassle free postproduction, we have ventured into color correction suite and the VFX lab. This will help the production house to cut cost on logistics, data handling and also reduce the risk of piracy.